Mercedes Benz FAQ

Q: What is the android system factory code?

A: 2018.

Q: Why my OEM screen is flickering or not showing correct?

A: It is setting issue, please enter into factory setting and choose the Car type or Car Display - NBT/CIC/CCC or NTG4.0/NTG4.5/NTG5.0 according to your system one by one until it works.

Q: Why there is no sound on android ?

A: It is wiring or setting issue, please check the following:

1. Check if optic cables and audio cable are well relocated and plugged correctly and firmly.

2. Choose AUX Switching mode "Manual” in factory settings, then go to OEM radio and choose“Audio-AUX”, touch screen to android, sound out. (BENZ NTG5 and BMW EVO is in USB function shows USB device connected) .
For Benz NTG4.5/4.7 and NTG5, If you want AUX automatic switch, needs to set correct AUX position in android setting , or else no sound, details refer to setting instruction.

Q: Why my OEM radio show No Signal on screen after installation ?

A : It is wiring issue usually, Please check the followings one by one:

1. If the LVDS cable is plugged into android screen correctly.

2. If the optic cables are relocated fully.

3. If the original CD/headunit is turned on.

4. If the android connector to original CD is plugged fully.

Q: Why my knob control/steering wheel control/OEM rear camera not work?

A: It is wiring issue usually.

1. First please check the fibre optical to see if you have moved it from OEM connector to android connector.

2. For Benz NTG4.0/NTG4.5, Please check if the white plug connection on harness is NTG4.0 or NTG4.5, need to match the correct plug connection with your radio type .

3. Please choose the CAN Protocol type in factory settings according to your radio type.

4. Please choose OEM factory camera in android settings-camera types.

Q: How to check if the fibre optic is well relocated?

A: Please check if knob control/steering wheel/ OEM rear camera work or not, if works, it means canbus is communicating and fibre optic is well relocated.
or check the dashboard icon and see if the information is changing correctly.

Please check the Youtube videos for some setting or wiring guidance by searching our brand.

Q: How to restore android system?

A: Please follow steps to restore the android system, it is in Apps - settings-systems-reset options-Erase all data(factory reset) .after reset, need to activate carplay by connecting network.