Why there is no audio or sound on android system of Mercedes Benz G class after installation?
12.21.2022 | Koason |

Why there is no sound or audio after installation of Mercedes Benz G class android screen NTG4.5 , such as G63 G350 G500?


the sound problem is on wiring or setting, and we also have encountered such case before from other G class buyer.

for wiring problem:

1. please double check the optic cables relocation to make sure it is relocated correctly and fully.

please check the following video:  https://youtu.be/v3aBtKBVrjo  --- Video to show how to relocate optic cables.

2. and check the android plug to original headunit to make sure that is connected closely.

3.  if Car have Aux input, please connect audio cable into it.

Settings:  in android factory settings, code:2018, please set the AUX switching mode to  manual.

https://youtu.be/6iieNn_cwT4  --- Video to show how to set AUX Switching mode to “Manual” for sound.

if your car does not have AUX , need to activate the Aux in factory setting first. please check the following video guide:

https://youtu.be/t1dQ_WRDHzA -- Benz NTG4.5 AUX Activate (if your car has no Aux, need to activate Aux first for sound)

if you want AUX switching automatically, please check the Aux position settings, need to pay attention to choose correct AUX

position. the following is video guide :

https://youtu.be/vnzBBOb30x0 -- Benz NTG4.5 AUX Switching mode- Manual and Automatic Switch for sound.

Please double check it.