NTG5's have a delay in the car's sound
10.14.2023 | Koason | FAQ


I play a video in Android state and the sound is delayed by about 3 seconds. When I use an OEM screen (radio, CD, phone, etc.) there is no delay, but when I use an Android screen the sound output is delayed by about 3 seconds.


NTG5 Android machine sound is through the USB audio adapter and then into the original CD host, which after a variety of ways to convert the phenomenon is prone to cause a delay, because Mercedes-Benz NTG5 original host of a variety of general Harman, Mitsubishi and other hosts do not have this problem, Panasonic hosts are more pronounced, the main embodiment of the time to play the video sound will probably be about 3 seconds of delay.
The solution is to add a DSP amplifier, do not use the USB audio adapter, add a DSP amplifier can be a perfect solution to the problem of delay, DSP amplifier to be equipped with a special cable installation.
The following is the wiring method of DSP amplifier and related settings.

1.The DSP amplifier box is wired as follows:

2.Android factory mode Amplifier selection: Aftermarket Amplifler
Routes:Settings-Factory(Key 2018)-Function-Amplifler Selection-Aftermarket Amplifler

3.Wait 10 seconds after the setting is completed then press the reset button on the machine panel to restart the machine and you're done.

Links to amplifier boxes:

Note: This DSP is only suitable for ordinary cars without Burmester amplifier, cars with Burmester should use another kind of amplifier.
You can distinguish the car with or without Burmester amplifier by the door speaker cover, the following is the car with Burmester:

4.Most of the cars of NTG5 also with fiber optic, such as encountered with fiber optic cars also have to jump to the fiber optic, otherwise it will lead to the original car and Android have no sound.
If there is no optical fiber, please ignore.
Please refer to the following instructions for fiber optic jumpering method: