How to use USB DVR and update the program
03.12.2024 | Koason | FAQ

1. The DVR is connected to the Android screen via a USB cable.
2.After successful connection, you can go to ES File Browser to install the APK, and then you can use it.

Routes:APPS-ES File Explorer

2.1.Once you are in the following screen, hold the screen and slide it to the right.

2.2.Click "uCarDvr.apk" to install,After successful installation, you can use it.

3.If you have problems using the DVR, update the software.
Note: Before updating the software, the Android screen should be connected to the Internet.

3.1. Enter the DVR interface and tap the Setup icon.

3.2.Click "Update" will automatically download the software, and then install it, after installation, the DVR will automatically exit, and then click in again.