How to create a boot-up logo
05.29.2024 | Koason | FAQ

The resolution of Android screen is 1280*480 and 1920*720. the resolution is different, the pictures used are different, but the method is the same.
Let's take 1920*720 as an example.
1.Create a new folder on your computer and name it mylogo13.

2.Create two new folders under the mylogo13 folder, named 1920_720 and thumbnail respectively.

3.Create an image in the format of. bmp, with a resolution of 1920 * 720. After completion, name the image as logo_001.bmp
(Explanation: If you want to place multiple logos, name them: logo:002.bmp, logo:003.bmp, And so on.)

4.Place the logo 001. bmp image in the 1920_720 folder.

5.Create another image in the format of. png, with a resolution of 1920 * 720. After completion, name the image as logo_001.png
(Note: This image should correspond to logo_001.bmp, and the naming of other images should also be the same.)

6.Put the created logo 001. png image into the thumbnail folder.

7.Compress the mylogo13 folder into. zip format.

(1) It must be in zip format, otherwise the machine cannot read the logo file.
(2) When compressing, be sure to click on the mylogo13 folder to compress. The compressed file preview should have a mylogo13 folder.


1. Copy the file to the root directory of the USB drive, and then plug the USB drive into the machine's USB cable.
2. Enter the Android factory mode and import the Boot Logo on the second page.
Path: Settings Factory (Key: 2018) - Boot Logo -Page 2-Import

After successful import, it will automatically return to the main interface and enter the factory mode again. On the second page of
the Boot Logo, you can select the logo.

Note: If it is a 1280*480 machine, use pictures of 1280*480 resolution. At the second step: two new folders are created, named:
1280_480 and thumbnail, respectively. Other methods are the same.