Bluetooth shows off and WIFI disconnected after iPhone connects to CARPLAY
12.15.2023 | Koason | FAQ


Hello, if i want to connect my iphone via bluetooth for apple car play, then it stands activate wlan for apple car play. We activate wlan for apple car play but then it switch off the bluetooth connection, and wlan is only activate. With an android smartphone it works. Bluetooth is connected and wlan at the same time. What can we do? Best regards



1. Apple carplay and Android Auto are based on Bluetooth technology and cannot be use Bluetooth at the same time. To use Apple carplay or Android Auto, your phone must be disconnected from other Bluetooth devices. Make sure your phone can only connect to Carplay or Android Auto.

2. After successfully connecting to Carplay or Android Auto, the Android Bluetooth interface will show "Close" and the WIFI on Android screen will be off, which is normal because Carplay and Android Auto occupy the Bluetooth and WIFI channels.

3. After successfully connecting to Carplay or Android Auto, neither the Android screen WIFI nor the Apple phone WIFI can be connected to other networks, or it will cause Carplay and Android Auto to function abnormally.